Commonly asked Questions:

1. Do you have a military clause in your leases?

Yes we offer a military clause. Any military orders will supersede our lease, with written papers from the Military.

2. Do you do a credit check?

We do run a credit check, which cost $25.00 per individual or $35.00 for a married couple. However if a credit check comes back with excellent credit and that person decides to rent one of our units, the cost of the credit check will be deducted from the first months rent.

3. How much is your clean-up deposit?

Most of our clean up deposits run $300 to $500.

4. Do you accept pets?

Some, not all, of our locations may accept pets with a letter of recommendation from an approved veterinarian and an additional deposit of approximately $250.00 to $300.00.

5. Can I have a water bed?

Waterbeds are only allowed with proof of valid renters insurance that includes a waterbed rider .

6. Do you have laundry rooms available on site?

All of our units have laundry rooms on site.

7. Do you have month to month rentals?

We require a lease with all of our properties. Upon expiration of the lease, it will then automatically convert to a month to month tenancy.